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Personal experience by Mr.Shafi from Valanchery, Malappuram working in Sharjah UAE

I was suffering from high Blood Pressure since past 10 years and varicose vein (naught of veins in the leg) since past 5 years, the leg was swollen due to this disEase, I tried all medications (Allopathy, Ayurveda, etc) including surgery but no final solution to it. One fine day I heard about nature cure ie naturotherapy thru radio program in All India Radio namely “Jeevanam Athi Jeevanam” relayed in Malayalam 7.40 am every Saturday in Kerala by Dt. Jacob Vadakkanchery. A course was conducted by Dt. Jacob Vadakkanchery for 7 days for which I finally decided to attend.

I attended this 7 days course (21st to 27th April 2012) conducted personally by Dt. Jacob Vadakkanchery at his hospital Nature Life International at Kuntipuzha, Mannarkad, Palakkad Dist. After attending this course my life changed and I was enlightened with this concept of nature cure which was already there inside my body and I was unaware of it.

Finally I decided to take this treatment and got myself admitted to the hospital (Nature Life International) on 9th May 2012, Dr. Prathibha, a resident Doctor , recommended me 15 days treatment which includes hydro therapy, mud therapy and massage. The first day started with fruits 3 times a day and no cooked food for next 15 days, it is shocking but it is true and manageable too.

After 3 days, my fasting started with tender coconut water only thrice a day and 3 times honey water if I feel hungry, within a week result started showing, my legs which was swollen now getting reduced even my weight reduced as I was too bulky (healthy) 102 Kgs.

Today is 14th day, my leg swelling reduced by 80% and my weight reduced to 92 kgs, it is a miracle for me, but this is the miracle of Nature ie the God Almighty who not only created human body but also its cure.

I will be discharged from the hospital in next 1 or 2 days, I have been advised to follow the schedule for next 30 days with fruits and coconut water only and after that one time cooked food and fruits.

I highly recommend everyone to come near to nature and its cure and let the nature cure for you, which cures without any medicine (it may be shocking but true).
Shafi Kalathil Parambil

Personal experience by Mrs.Mary V.M. from Pathanamthetta Dist, Kerala.

I Mary V.M. from Pathanamthetta Dist, Kerala, aged 48 years, working as higher secondary school teacher in Mathematics subject in a Govt. H.S. School. I am a Post Graduate in Education. I have two children aged 16 and 17 years. My husband Mr.V.Jacob Kurien working in Syndicate Bank, Theruvalla.

I have been suffering from diabetes since 4 years. My husband a strict follower of nature cure advised me to change my life style, food and appealed me to start living in natural way, but always I try to offend his ideas with strong arguments, I try to establish that all these ideas are foolish and I raise questions giving examples of non vegetarians having in our circumstances without any health problems for long years. Neglecting his advises I ate all foods like meat, chickens, fish, etc. I can’t eat my food without a fish curry and I can’t avoid rice at least once.

After two years my FBS count raised to 360, that frightened me. I consulted an alopathy doctor, he prescribed Glyciphage and K.Glim tablets and advised me to avoid rice and to take green robusta as food. It takes two months to reduce sugar level to 130–150 range, till then I was taking these tablets daily and continued to eat my usual food, 2-3 idlis or dosa or puttu for breakfast, rice with fish curry and some vegetables for noon meal. Every day I take 3 - 4 bakery items and for supper I repeated the same thing. Morning and night I took the tablets.

All of these time my husband advised me to follow nature cure and I rejected all his advises, After few week s when I was engaged in my school valuation work my diabetic condition started distracting me. I was very tired, thirsty and always feeling sleepy. My blood results show 280 fbs.

Finally I agreed to visit a Nature Cure Hospital ( Kuntipuzha, Mannarkad, Palakkad Dist, on 13th May 2012, Sunday with my husband. We consulted Dr.Pratibha (BNYS), she advised me to get admitted for 21 days, but due my some commitments I stayed for 13 days with a promise to continue the schedule for rest of the days at home. Yoga, sunbath, mud pack, spinal bath eating raw vegetables and fruits, etc changed my physical and mental condition. I could not believe myself. When I came here I have so many physical problems – my stomach always filled with gas, headache, body pain, tiredness, etc. I have got relief from all these problems. When I came here my fbs was 300. It gradually decreased and doctor told me my diabetic stage is going to be normal. I am leaving from here on 25th May. I thank God for opening my eyes to realize good and evil. Now I have decided to lead a life based on Nature Cure, Nature hygiene or we can call it Naturotherapy.

My advice to all diabetic patients is to don’t worry your diabetes is curable, come to the calm and pure atmosphere of Nature Life Hospital, just follow the advice of the doctor, it’s simple.

I am happy to say that Dr.Prathibha, Nurses Chandrika(s) (there are two), David, Rima and all the office bearers are very gentle, humble and helpful.

I am little panicky while I am leaving because I am going loose this calm, quite and happy atmosphere. This is like a family not as a hospital.

Mary V.M., Mathematics teacher
GHS School, Thottakkad