Health-cum-pleasure tour

Health-cum-pleasure tour

Nature Life International, as an institution, will be meaningless, if it doesn’t make nature into an active and inseparable part of your life. To free you from a mechanized, materialistic, maladjusted and tension-ridden life that leads to many unnatural problems, for which you seek unnatural solutions.

Sure, you can have book-learning about nature. But without any hands-on exposure your knowledge will remain theoretical. That’s where we come to your help. Through our camps on yoga, natural farming, aspects of nature cure for physical and mental health, cooking class on tasty nature food… in short, all aspects of life as it should be ideally lived both mentally and physically.

As value-addition, visit to villages and forests as well as expeditionary treks to rare places of interest can be arranged, especially for the youth.

For your convenience, we offer you three camps of different duration – three day, one week and a fortnight.

Isn’t it time to integrate you life with nature for a better tomorrow?

A unique programme that takes care of your health needs as well as social, cultural and spiritual needs. The duration of it can be one week, a fortnight and one month.
It covers: