Activities & products

Activities & products

In tune with its credo of befriending nature and leading a natural life, Nature Life International has branched of into different activities and products

Aruvi Nature Food Restaurants

Hygienic, tasty and healthy. That’s how you’ll describe the food here. No cooked food is refrigerated to be warmed up later or rehashed to form new concoctions
The entire concept in these restaurants is to immunize your body against chemicals. The restaurants located in Ernakulam dist. with 4 outlets; near Pulleppady Chittoor Road Ph: 9496044519, near E.S.I Road North Railway Station Ph: 9496044522 and Chambakkara Vyttila Ph: 9496044517, and also in asramam maidanam , Ph: 9496044513.

Aruvi Eco-friendly products

The people the world over are fast becoming repositories of various toxins and chemicals, thank to the world of consumerism. That is where Nature Life steps in, through Aruvi Eco-friendly products.
Now,progress into a toxin and chemical free life through Nature Life International’s products at Aruvi outlets.

30 different products

Nature Cure Treatment Accessories.

To go along with the treatment you may require a minimum of accessories; again made with your comfort in mind.

Enema can
Nose wash
Eye wash cups
Spinal tub

No-holds-barred Health Magazine (Malayalam)
Books and CDs on Nature Cure (Malayalam)

Sujeevitham in Malayalam gives you more than comprehensive view about nature cure and points out the harm unleashed by modern medicine. Soon, the magazine will be coming out as an e-magazine in English and a few other languages. Maranam Marunnilude (Death through Medicine) will be an eye opener to anyone who swears by allopathy.
The CDs, again in Malayalam, are a series of radio talks of Dr Jacob Vadakkanchery and Dr Soumya. (Soon to be available in English.)