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Nature Cure: Recovering From Chronic Fatigue & Early Auto-Immunity

I never considered it possible to end up with a body so self-inflicted with damage at the age of 23 that I would be diagnosed as post-menopausal with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, polyneuropathy, under close supervision for premature heart disease, and at the beginning stages of an auto-immune disease. The culprit? Years of physical over-exertion as a female athlete and the regular consumption of allopathic medications including pain killers, anti-inflammatory drugs, hormone replacement therapy, antibiotics, muscle relaxants, inhalers, cortisone shots and creams, and energy pills.

As an 11 year old premier soccer player, I was thrown into a rigorous training schedule that lasted between 4-6 hours per day. My diet was high in animal protein and white refined carbohydrates and I slept a total of only five hours per night. Regardless, whenever my body experienced pain or fatigued, I was encouraged to silence my symptoms with medications and ‘mental toughness.’

At age 15, my cortisol levels were extremely high and I was put on birth control for endometriosis and a hormone imbalance; however, when the drugs failed to ease the pain, I was treated with hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which completely suppressed my periods the following six years. In spite of hours of exercise, I found myself gaining weight, which greatly impinged on my performance. I resorted to two years of starvation and binge eating, followed by a “low-calorie” diet of “Slim Fast” bars, shakes, and powders. Such “diets” encouraged the elimination of grains from my regime and the increase of animal protein.

My rigorous training schedule continued into college. On my off days from soccer I would hit the weight room after either a seven mile run or following short distance conditioning at the track. I also incorporated swimming, cycling, and other aerobic workouts. Any break from exercise would trigger physical withdrawal symptoms due to a chemical dependency on the endorphins I released during exercise. My body suffered tremendously, with a history of injuries including inflammation, stress fractures, torn muscles, damaged ligaments, tweaked vertebrae, a broken nose, and knees that suffered from hyper-extension, shifting patella bones, and tendonitis.

At age 21, I signed with Kilmarnock Football Club in the Scottish Women’s Premiere League. After a severe hip injury, I realized that my body could no longer be silenced by pain killers, nor would it function without exercise and drugs. I returned to Connecticut when I was 22 and was informed by medical professionals that I was never to exercise again. My reproductive system was too damaged to consider having children. With time, rather than improving however, I found myself sinking deeper into an unbearable, bottomless fatigue and mental incoherence. I moved to Thailand at age 23 with the intent to heal my body and assume a relaxing life-style. Yet, the medical approach in Thailand was perhaps worse than the American drug-pumping culture. It was not until I was blessed with the opportunity to meet Indian naturopath, Dt. Jacob Vadakkanchery, at a health retreat in Rayong, Thailand, did I come to understand just how dangerous a life-style I had been living.

Without requiring a medical history or explanation of physical symptoms, Dt. Jacob simply observed my face and was fully aware that my body was failing me as a result of overuse and allopathic medications. He insisted that I seek treatment at one of his hospitals in India so that I had professional care when undergoing the series of unknown, yet expected healing crises. After only one week at the Nature Cure health retreat, I understood the devastating consequences of medical “treatments” and was convinced that true healing can only occur organically by the body itself. Dt. Jacob reassured me that I would reclaim my fertility, under the condition that I follow Nature Cure for at least three years, so as to promote the elimination of weak or unhealthy cells and the birth of new healing cells.

In March 2007, I was reunited with Dt. Jacob at his hospital in Cochin, Kerala, India and started natural health treatment, beginning with fasting. Amongst many patients, I learned of others’ stories and simultaneously witnessed the healing of individuals with cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, breathing problems, and high blood pressure, as well as those with obesity, overall fatigue, and poor eyesight. It became obvious that the body itself is a healing mechanism that, when treated properly, can assume perfect health following imbalance or disease.

During my two month stay at Nature Life Hospital, I gained a wealth of information about the innate healing intelligence of the body and began to understand its way of asking for what it needs; i.e. pain, sore throat, loss of taste or appetite, migraines, discoloration of the tongue, etc. All that I have ever believed should be ‘treated’ as a health problem, I came to comprehend, are simply normal bodily functions and the body’s means of communication.

Medication, however, only interferes with the body’s healing system and essentially causes cancer and disease. “Genetic predisposition” and “bacterial infections” are medical excuses to explain death and to prescribe costly medications, thus creating more physical problems, and keeping the public dependent on allopathic health care.

On the other hand, Nature Cure teaches us to become our own doctor, using proper food consumption as our medicine. A natural vegan diet, in which food groups are mixed properly, is all the body needs in order to maintain maximum health (not vitamins or dietary supplements). Protein should be minimal, and soy, tea, coffee, caffeine, refined sugar, salt, and processed food should be eliminated from the diet. Without the distraction of wasting time and energy on digesting degenerating foods, the body can perform its healing power at full strength, uninterrupted.

When I returned to Thailand, my husband, Sunti began following Nature Cure and discovered enormous improvements in digestion, while overcoming tooth aches and a history of severe joint pain. Additionally, he also lost weight and experienced revitalization of his eyes, skin, and hair. As a Nature Cure patient, I not only regained my health and reclaimed my life, but I am proud to say that within only one year of detoxifying my body and assuming the Nature Cure diet, did I become pregnant with my baby, Dyami. Avoiding all medical tests and medications, our healthy, beautiful daughter was naturally delivered at home on October 28th, 2008. Indeed, without Dt. Jacob’s teachings, I would undoubtedly be taking medication and never see the day when I could call myself a mother. My sincere and eternal thanks to Dt. Jacob and Nature Cure

Without medicines for BP...Past three years

Wilson Chiramal : Sharing my experiences from Nature Life International
In 2008 from Dubai , Firstly determined that I am a BP patient .Due to the Bad economical situations/Recessions in Dubai...40% of the people got affected with BP, This according to reports. As I was having my medical claim I was not known how much expenses incurred for medicines. After taking medicines for one and half years also when I stop medicines my BP level will be high. At that time when I asked doctor he advised me that once you start taking medicines for BP you will be addicted life long to it, you will not get recovery from that. After hearing this I was totally depressed that am a slave to a pharmaceutical company. Again consulted doctor for a second opinion he said like this “if you take a tablet for a day.... don’t you think it’s a part of your daily routine, like that include these medicines also”. I have decided to stop these medicines anyhow ,Then only I can assure that am free from BP. After that again consulted a homeopathy doctor that also failed...tried ayurveda also but when I stop medicine BP again increase...I realized a fact that, the main essence of the medicine is from ayurveda and homeopathy (Rablfina serpentina) I also came to know these plants are sarppagandha what we call in Malayalam.( amalpory). These plants I have seen in my garden in plenty ....informed an ayurveda doctor and asked him how to use these plants as medicines...but no reply from him also I came to know that there is no difference between Ayurvedic and allopathy doctors nowadays they wish to give only prescription medicines. In early days, our local doctors (vaidyans) who came to see at home when we are not well..... They give medicines from medicinal plants make kashayam and treated for diseases....those golden days were gone. After these trials...with various doctors one day I got an opportunity to hear Dr. Jacob Vadakkancherrys lecture and saw him from Thikujinivady church at Thane in Mumbai ,after that I subscribed for Sujeevitham magazines...and slowly stepped into nature life....more exercises and reducing the usage of excess salt lead to normal my level of BP after two years passed again in the last of 2013 my BP level slightly increased to 170/110. Dr. Vadakkancherrys lectures has very much influenced me my all trials for how to reduce my BP without medicines.In the last of 2013 in varakkara , Nature life International hospital has started. In 2014 Feb 12th almost my treatments have started. This was already a naturopathy treatment center....The “Quoted words” itself very much attracted to me .The words goes on like this “For making live ....and enriching ST. Joseph nature life hospital....this words are partially from The Holy Bible...The theory of Allopathy itself says that ‘kill all germs ‘along with that kill ourselves is against the theory. This place Varakkara is extremely different and cool and calm atmosphere and its purely a village sound pollution... No Air air....clear water....places fully covered by greeneries... it’s like bed of heat...fully air circulated rooms with good sunlight...I never get a feeling that am in a hospital....Am feeling just like at home only...very homely feeling experience...when I reached hospital there was two patients of similar cases , well behaved and they were like family members ...all sitting together and having food , helping each other’s , sharing their experiences etc... First day they have given rice and curry’s and within 3 days purely shifted to nature foods....the doctors and the staffs, nurses all were like very close friends ...they were very cooperative and encouraging. Daily Morning doctors use to check the BP and sugar. The healthy and very strictly life style was followed. Early morning waking up, eye wash, nose wash, throat wash, Elima these were followed by all the patients, also one hour Yoga, morning and evening one hour sun bath , along with this reading news papers and discussions and lectures really great experiences from these.. also recorded CD programs all these made me more energetic and not even a single moment was bored . The third day itself my BP level was decreased to 130/90.The main problem I faced was Mosquito biting I use to open the windows at night and sleep...but this also got rectified by the usage of mosquito nets... Along with me granny aged 80yrs ...with in 5 days their sugar level got controlled , stopped cholesterol medicines...3days she avoided normal foods only in tender coconut water from her I learned , experienced that one can live energetic by drinking this tender coconut water also. The last day of treatment I had a great lunch with all food items ...that day they checked my BP also...It was again decreased to 110/ 70 ,they have given special instructions for yoga and food control and for continuing the treatment methods at home . Along with treatment many informative classes and lectures which gained more knowledge in naturopathy treatments... Thanks to Dr. Vadakkancherry...

Angel V Antony : I cured from Hip joint pain

Its my great pleasure to inform you that i am doing well, and also i am expressing my sincere gratitude to you and Dr. sameer and all nature life members. it was a very soothing experience i have ever had in my life. i have learned how to cure myself without any medicine in a natural way since i was troubled with a hip joint pain. it was very interesting days i had been there in varakkara. actually now i am feeling the retaining of my health by the way i learned from the nature life international.and i also got lot of information about the demerits of medeicines that causes human body from your CD's. and it was a great information and awareness for me like people. any way we got a different aspects of life without any trouble in our body temple.... thank you so much for your great advice and guidance for retaining my health.
by Agnel V Antony